Hi, we're Via Chicago - an ambitious team of bilingual, bicoastal architects ready to get to work on your vision.

Hola! Somos Via Chicago - un equipo bilingüe de arquitectos ambiciosos listos para trabajar en tu visión.


Via Chicago, Ltd. is a small architecture studio led by a duo of young designers. We are hungry, driven, and ready to get to work.

We believe that great design sells, and aim to create value for our clients through smart planning, attractive materials, and careful detailing. When you work with Via Chicago, you're speaking directly with your architect. Our partners stay with each project from first pen stroke until "doors open," a continuity that ensures nothing is lost in translation.

Our skilled designers learn from and adapt to each locale, forever sensitive to the impact our work will have on the community. In the end all buildings are designed for use by real people, and we embrace this simple fact that is often ignored for the sake of architectural vanity.

Via Chicago does not follow any strict stylistic pattern - we simply strive to design the best possible solution for each unique situation. Buildings that not only belong in their surroundings, but actually enhance them. Architecture that will remain durable, beautiful and adaptable long after the latest trends have faded.


Experienced and licensed in both the United States and Panamá, Via Chicago is in a unique position to draw on our international background while maintaining a local focus. An entrepreneurial drive inspires our team to seek out projects that we truly believe in, bringing a fresh and energetic approach to each design challenge that we face. 

Partners / Socios

Your hard-charging creative team from start to finish.


Cristina Gallo, AIA
Left Brain, Panamá

A proud native of Cali, Colombia, Cristina has immersed herself in the culture of Panamá over the past 15 years. She is familiar with the demanding standards of high-end homes, as well as the budget realities that regulate institutional and governmental developments.

Cristina is passionate about design-build techniques, and recognizes that opportunities for great design lie in fully understanding the methods of construction. "It's all about the way individual materials come together to create beautiful buildings."

A University of Notre Dame graduate, Cristina is currently completing the Master of Science in Real Estate (MSRE) program at Roosevelt University. She is a licensed architect in both Illinois and the Republic of Panamá, and never, ever runs out of words.



Marty Sandberg, AIA
Right Brain, Chicago

Chicago-born and Denver-raised, Marty sharpened his skills as a project architect with a large firm in River North. He has both design and construction administration experience with multi-family residential buildings, fantastic restaurants and retail, boutique hotels and neighborhood planning.

Design-oriented and endlessly curious, Marty is constantly looking for new solutions hidden in our everyday surroundings. "So many complications are self-inflicted - make smart choices in the beginning, and you'll be rewarded every step along the way."

Marty maintains an active NCARB certificate, and is a licensed architect in the State of Illinois. He is a graduate of the Notre Dame School of Architecture, never gets lost, and is always up for another beer (thanks for asking!)