Warm & Dry


Our “blue tape & notes everywhere” approach to making electrical corrections was (mostly) successful, so with the conduit and boxes moved to their correct location we were able to move on to insulation and drywall. We would’ve preferred to use a spray foam insulation system for it’s superior thermal and moisture performance , but at such a small scale it was just too cost-prohibitive for us to justify that expense. We expect the heating and cooling costs for this tiny home to be pretty minimal - especially with our radiant heating system in the basement slab - so fiberglass batt insulation was the answer.

Yesterday we passed our rough framing inspection with the City, and drywall started flying almost immediately afterward to get all of those walls enclosed. This is the stage where many projects start to feel smaller than expected. The owner will show up - used to seeing nothing but studs and a big, empty spaces - and they’ll be shocked at how small the room looks once the drywall is installed. In the case of our tiny house, the effect was just the opposite. After months of seeing dark brick, the bright white drywall makes the place feel instantly bigger and brighter. It’s getting easier and easier to picture the final result, and both the architects and owner are pumped about how big this little house feels right now.

It also helps that our new windows have been installed! We cut a strip of three long windows that run along the top of the basement bedroom and bathroom. Two of these are aligned with the existing living room window, and the third sits where the old entry door opening was. Each has frosted glass, which will allow daylight into the lower level but prevent visibility into these rooms from the sidewalk above. The black frames are looking sharp! We’ll eventually paint the frame of that existing living room window black to match.

In unrelated news, last night our job-site banner was covered in graffiti tags for the third time. If you’re going to tag our banners, can you at least put something cool and creative up there?!? These lazy-ass Sharpie scribbles are pretty lame, and now we have to go buy another vinyl banner to replace it with (again.) If you’re going to ruin our sheet like that, at least put some effort into it!

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