7615 Sea Serpent


Sometimes you guess right, sometimes you guess wrong. Our first paint selection was definitely wrong.

After getting past the initial shock of seeing the building transform into a mix of IKEA / Cubbie / Old Style “blue”, we made an adjustment and found the right color to use for a second coat. Sherwin-Williams “SW 7615 Sea Serpent” was the winner - a dark blue with just a touch of gray, that changes dramatically based on the time of day, lighting conditions, angle of the sun, etc. We love it!

The new color is already turning heads, as we constantly stop to chat with neighbors passing by who suddenly realized “hey, what’s going on over here?”

With that problem solved, we turned our attention to the interior once again. The electrical rough-in work is already done, but a lot of the outlets seemed to be in the wrong location from what we indicated on the plans. This had us pretty worried - many of these are closely coordinated with the kitchen cabinets, and in a space this tiny there is very little room for error. We spent the afternoon going item-by-item thru the living room, marking each of the outlets and noting whether anything needed to be moved (or was missing altogether.) A mock-up of the kitchen cabinets was painted on the floor to make this process easier to visualize, and for us to help communicate the necessary changes to the general contractor and electrician.

Via ChicagoComment