Tiny Floor


That plywood subfloor did its job, but we were eager to start putting a few nice touches on the place. Wood flooring throughout the living room is first on the to-do list.

Like everything else in this tiny house, our wood flooring is scaled down, too. We considered using wide plank boards, but the size didn’t feel right for this small space. Even a 4” or 6” width seemed too large, and a typical board length would’ve resulted in a ton of wasted material due to the triangular floor plan. So we landed on a somewhat unusual solution - 2-ft boards, 2-1/4” wide. Extra small flooring for this extra small home.

Installation took less than a day, and soon the stairway down the basement will be clad in new wood treads to match. The remainder of the tiny home will receive tile flooring - great for durability near the entry door, and better to take advantage of the radiant heating system in the basement.

Via ChicagoComment