Occupancy: 10


How many people can you fit inside Stitch? At least ten, apparently.

This completely unscientific estimate is the number of people we had working together on the tiny house earlier today - 5 electricians, 3 masons, and 2 architects trying to stay out of the way as electrical conduit was being passed up-and-down the stairs.

It’s been a struggle to get subcontractors to show up at this laughably small project, so when multiple teams were ready to work on the same day we knew the GC wouldn’t say no. (The carpenters actually planned on working today, too, but the GC told them to hold off until next week knowing that the jobsite would already be a complete circus without them.) The electricians have almost the entire building roughed-in after just one day, and the masons are nearly done reconstructing the parapet after some much-needed repairs. Onward we go!

Via ChicagoComment