Here We Go!


And we’re off! Chicago’s newest tiny home is officially under construction, beginning with the demolition of all interior walls, floors, and finishes.

OK, so that might be overstating things a bit … there was about 6 linear feet of interior wall - it enclosed a claustrophobic half bathroom at the north corner. And there was only one floor - a concrete slab below the first floor that encased two 4” I-beams, and was reinforced with scrap metal conduit rather than anything resembling a true “rebar.” And yeah, the “finishes” amounted to some flimsy, fake wood paneling around the perimeter of the room. But we have to start somewhere! The demo crew knocked it out in less than one day, which gave us a clear view of the existing building shell as we carefully balanced on those two I-beams.

Next up is excavation work to clear the way for our new stair, which will allow us to turn this into a true two-level tiny home (no scary ladders on your way to bed!)

Via ChicagoComment