Tiny House Chicago

Some buildings just have a great story, and this little buddy is definitely one of them. It’s the wrong size, the wrong shape, and definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time. It looks lost, to be honest. “How the hell did that thing ever get there, and why haven’t I noticed it before?” is a common response when we point it out to someone.

As recently as two months ago it didn’t seem like any of this would happen. We were almost - almost! - resigned to the fact that this quirky, triangular corner of Chicago would die a slow bureaucratic death, unable to secure the necessary approvals for our proposed renovation. But thanks to a dedicated owner, a stubborn architect, and the magic of clever, responsive design, construction is finally underway.

So we’re gonna tell you about it. All of it - the long, winding story of how this building came to be and why we’ve made the decisions we made. We’ll start in the middle (where we find ourselves right now,) then jump back to the beginning, probably take several detours along the way, and hopefully come to roaring finish right as this tiny little house welcomes its first guests to Chicago. Thanks for joining us!

Acute - Entry.JPG