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Experienced and licensed in both the United States and Panamá, Via Chicago is in a unique position to draw on our international background while maintaining a local focus. An entrepreneurial drive inspires our team to seek out projects that we truly believe in, bringing a fresh and energetic approach to each design challenge that we face.


Meet your hard-charging creative team, from start to finish.



Cristina Gallo, AIA

Left Brain, Panamá


A proud native of Cali, Colombia, Cristina has immersed herself in the culture of Panamá over the past 15 years. She is familiar with the demanding standards of high-end homes, as well as the budget realities that regulate institutional and government developments.

Cristina is passionate about design-build techniques, and recognizes that opportunities for great design lie in fully understanding the methods of construction. "It's all about the way individual materials come together to create beautiful buildings."

A University of Notre Dame graduate, Cristina is recently completed the Master of Science in Real Estate (MSRE) program at Roosevelt University. She is a licensed architect in both Illinois and the Republic of Panamá, and never, ever runs out of words.

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Marty Sandberg, AIA

Right Brain, Chicago


Chicago-born and Denver-raised, Marty sharpened his skills as a project architect with a large firm in River North. He has both design and construction experience with multi-family residential buildings, fantastic restaurants and retail, boutique hotels and neighborhood planning.

Design-oriented and endlessly curious, Marty is constantly looking for new solutions hidden in our everyday surroundings. "So many project complications are self-inflicted - make smart choices in the beginning, and you'll be rewarded every step along the way."

Marty maintains an active NCARB certificate, and is a licensed architect in the State of Illinois. He is a graduate of the Notre Dame School of Architecture, never gets lost, and is always up for another good beer (thanks for asking!)

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