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Have you seen Stitch?

You probably have, though you may not remember. Stitch is a 155 square foot triangle that stands watch over this busy West Town corner. It’s been there for nearly 90 years now, indifferent to the passage of time and waves of changes that have left their collective mark on the neighborhood.

Via Chicago Architects + Diseñadores is in the midst of transforming neighborhood landmark into a living example of forward-thinking design. This charming, unique piece of Chicago’s architectural history is set to become one of the few true “tiny homes” in the Second City. Born from the shell of a former hot dog stand, the triangular building has been reimagined as a chic living space for short-term rentals.

It has been an uphill battle - contending with endless tangles of red tape and outdated zoning regulations in order to preserve and renovate this one-of-a-kind building. The first sketches were drawn in 2017, followed by aldermanic meetings, community meetings, design meetings, city council meetings, re-design meetings, and a lengthy approval process while City Hall reviewed our unorthodox plans.

The design takes advantage of an existing basement to create a split-level plan with a light-filled living space and a cozy, tranquil bedroom. Divisions are minimized and every inch accounted for. Stitch will showcase a curated selection of furnishings and artwork from talented local craftsmen and designers.

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